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Bill Johnson

We are the

Towing Consultants.

Together, we have 80+ years of experience in the towing industry as tow truck operators and towing business owners. And we are here to help.

John Borowski

We have seen and dealt with every complication, ordeal, failure, and triumph that this industry could possibly hand us. 

We know the laws and restrictions inside and out, particularly in MA, and know that abiding by them is crucial to decreasing liabilities and increasing profits in a towing industry profession.

Therefore, we developed effective procedures and policies to organize and improve our businesses, paving the road to our success! 

We can help you organize and

improve your business!

With our guidance, we can help....

Recognize potential "landmines"

These are things that could eventually lead to problems in the future. They may range from properly documenting each billing transaction, building a contaiment area, or restructuring company policies. We will help you discover them now, and fix the issue before it has time to develop.


Introduce important procedures.

We will enforce the benefit of having a containment area and proper storage lot for vehicles emitting fluids in order to comply with environmental regulations, as well as other ways to keep your location organized and evironmentally clean. 


Give you the tools for growth.

Policies that we have personally developed and executed, such as the Hardship Policy and Insurance Requirement Policy, will decrease your stress, elimate employee confusion, and increase your credibility among your colleagues. 


You can trust that our expert knowledge will help give your business the edge it needs to rise to the next level!

Did you know...?

Together, Bill and John wrote the only printed National Industry Standard officially recognized by the towing industry. This standard, the Municipal Tow Rotation Standard, has been uncontested since its implementation.

Click here to read the Standard.

Knowledge is the key to profit.

Bill and John will supply you with the confidence you need to fight for your rights as a business owner in the towing industry.

Let the Towing Consultants bring their expertise to your door!

Sessions with the Towing Consultants will provide you with...

  • Tools to become environmentally compliant

  • Training on how to educate your consumer on laws and regulations

  • Policies to simplify your employees interactions with customers

  • Procedures to make your business life easier

The Towing Consultants have the recipe for your businesses' success and profitability...

Let's get cooking!

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